X-Y-EAZY Limited offers a data capture and survey service catering specifically for the UK railway industry.   The aim of the company is to offer surveying services to Network Rail and maintenance contractors working on the rail infrastructure.
Where a customer need exists, the company develops new and innovative technologies to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of routine surveying requirements.   Following this principle, the company is launching a survey service, across the UK, specifically for platform gauging surveys.
This service will provide a complete survey in a fraction of the time of current practices, with highly accurate results and at a cost effective rate.  The client shall then be able to access the complete survey data via the customer portal within this website.

X-Y-EAZY Ltd is Link-Up registered and certified against Proof and ISO 9001:2000.  Customers can therefore be assured that their orders shall fulfil their expectations.

This site offers information about the company and its vision.

Click here for more details of the service or here to view a presentation of our service.

To log in to the EAZYWEB portal, simply enter your username and password below.  If you do not have a username, please contact our office.
Platform gauge survey by X-Y-EAZY Ltd.
Survey results available via the EAZYWEB portal.

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